Casa Salina   


L’Antico Palmento

In this large (60 sq.m.) studio apartment on two levels, everything seems to remember the original destination. Here in the square tank, now become the basis for a tatami double bed, were trampled the grapes to produce the must that was collected in a smaller tank located at the foot of the bed, all fully restored. Similarly, has been preserved the original ceiling made by reeds, that together with the restored country furniture, makes unique the hospitality of this house.
On a three steps down level you find the living area, with kitchenette, refrigerator, table and chairs, as well as the comfortable bathroom, that in order to remember the color of the wine produced in this house was painted completely red.
The entrance overlooks the patio and the internal garden, where you can relax on comfortable deckchairs or have breakfast and dinner.

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(The Old Winery)

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